For the week of July 23-29, 2017





For the week of July 30 - August 5






This week, we pray for:

Tim & Sallie Culbreth

Serving in Teen Challenge of Arkansas


Brad & Glenda McMath

Serving in Network 211

Please remember these requests sent by the missionaries:

Please pray for our ministry Network 21:1. We continue to develop many different language groups on our website. We dream of having every people group represented and them being able to find an accessible path to the gospel through this online ministry.

Please pray for the visitors that are coming to our sites. Pray that the Holy Spirit will go before us and prepare their hearts to receive the truth. Pray for our discipleship connectors that they will follow up with the many new converts in an excellent way.

Please pray for our family. We have had an onslaught of medical needs since we returned to the states. This has caused much medical financial burden. Please pray that God will enable us to return to being debt-free as we were when we first entered missions. That way we can be solely focused on the mission at hand and not weighted down with this burden financially!

Please pray for our oldest daughter, Macy, age 14, she struggles with a language processing issue. This affects her ability to understand spoken words and also to speak in conversations. We are doing a therapy that is helping her immensely. However, it is also very expensive. Please pray for provision that God will enable us to pay for all the sessions she needs.

Please join us in praying God will do more than we can possibly ask or imagine in her brain and enable her to overcome this difficulty. We dream of her being a fully functional young person without the great difficulty she experiences in language. And we dream that she will overcome the low self-esteem that has been a byproduct of this condition and gain confidence. Pray for healing for her brokenness that has been a result of her struggle with this. Pray that she will be in able to fully understand and grasp how much God loves her and that she will become passionate about Him.

Please also pray that the Lord will surround us with protection that no other health problems will come to us.

Please pray for Brad that God will heal him of adult onset asthma.


Bruce & Kay Mumm

Serving in International Ministries

Please remember these missionaries in your prayers!