For the week of May 21-27, 2017






For the week of May 25 - June 2, 2017


This week, we pray for:

Tim & Sallie Culbreth

Serving in Teen Challenge of Arkansas


Scott & Trudy Jackson

Serving in Micronesia

The Jacksons share the following requests:

1 - We are trying to help a young man get deliverance through Jesus and also get him enrolled in Teen Challenge. We need God's anointing, strength and wisdom in this situation. The man's name is Georgie.

2 - Our Federated States of Micronesia General Council of the Assemblies of God will be in June. We need a fresh outpouring of God's Spirit in these meetings and in our Micronesian churches.

3 - Our ICF (International Christian Fellowship) church needs a building of it's own to meet.

4 - Our family just needs a fresh vision from the Lord and encouragement and refreshment of the Holy Spirit.

Anita & Mike James

Serving in The Netherlands

Please remember these requests sent by the James family:

1)  Please pray for the children who attend our kids club. For most, this is the first and only way that they will hear the gospel. Our team is very excited to continue and step up into greater leadership roles in the coming year.

2)  Please pray for our son, Samuel, as he has shown developmental delays. He is currently in speech therapy and is beginning the process of being assessed to see what is causing his delays.