Welcome to the Royal Rangers web page. I am very thankful you decided to visit our page. As the District Director I want to say it is my honor to serve you. You will find these items here are specific to the Arkansas District Royal Rangers and there is a link to the national website at www.royalrangers.com for all other information about the Royal Ranger ministry.

The executive staff (see Bio’s at tab) have willing accepted the appointment to serve you and it is our desire to see every boy in Arkansas have the opportunity to become life long servant leaders of Jesus Christ. We know that this can only happen when leaders from all over our district step up and give of themselves. We want you to know that we will do everything we can to provide the training, resources and support for each leader to accomplish this important mission.

If you are challenged to help us in our mission and you have a love for seeing boys become life long servant leaders of Jesus Christ then you are the right person to become part of this special Team. You must have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior, be an active member of a church and pass a Background and Child Maltreatment check. Contact us and we will help get you started.

In His service,

George Weaver,

District Director

Royal Ranger Calendar & Event Info

Schedule of Events                                                JTC/AJTC Announcement   

Ranger Basics 2019                                               2019 AJTC Application

World Class Outpost 2019                                     2019 JTC Application     

 F.C.F. Trace Application                                        "The Challenge" Application 2019

2019 Trace Flyer                                                   Royal Rangers Essential Flyer

Royal Ranger Executive Staff

George Weaver, District Director

Email George     Read Full Bio Here

Robert Howard, District Training Coordinator

Email Robert      Read Full Bio Here

Loren Shoff, District F.C.F. President

Email Loren,       Read Full Bio Here

Mel Hardage, District Missions Coordinator

Email Mel           Read Full Bio Here