Follow these simple steps to get connected to ARSOM for the 2017/2018 school year! TAKE A FEW MINUTES AND GO THROUGH THIS WHOLE PAGE PLEASE!

Quick details:  (1) Students need access to a computer and printer for ARSOM registration and homework.  (2) All classes are $55 per class, payable at registration.  Mentoring for credential track students is $55.  (3) Textbooks are not included in this cost.  

Steps to class registration: PLEASE FOLLOW THE STEPS!!!

1 - Click here to read the required Academic Policy Manual.   Then proceed to step 2.  All students, new AND returning from other school years, must complete this BEFORE registering for the first class.  IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO DO THIS MONTHLY. ONE TIME PER SCHOOL YEAR PLEASE.

2 - Complete validation and information form at the bottom of this page.

3 - AFTER submitting validation form, continue to next step: 

4 - Click here to access the SecureGive sign in page - Go step by step through the next section:

  • If you do not already  have an account, please create one (each student should have their own account.) If you need to print out instructions to help you create an account, and then register for class, click HERE for a step by step document.
  • Once you have your account, sign in
  • Click on EVENTS on the menu bar at the top of the page (ONLY USE EVENTS. Do not use any other options for registration).
  • Choose the class for which you are registering.  MAKE SURE you are registering for the correct class!     
    • Level 1 - choose class for this level
    • Level 2 - choose class for this level
    • Level 3 - (regular student) - choose class for this level
    • Level 3 - (certificate recipient) - choose registration option for this ONLY if you hold a certificate from the recent Sectional Council.  You should first inform ARSOM that you have a certificate in your possession.  Certificates are ONLY for level 3.
  • Complete all of the required information, add your payment - unless you hold a certificate from sectional council - and submit. (Continue the registration process through until you receive a confirmation that you have successfully paid, and that you see the class name in your registered events list on the left side of your SecureGive home page.
  • You should receive TWO emails.  The first is a receipt of payment email.  The second is a registration confirmation email from ARSOM.   (If you do not receive a confirmation email regarding your registration, it is probable that your registration is not complete. Please make sure your registration is complete and you get the confirmation.  You should contact the district office if you do not receive the confirmation email from SecureGive.)  
  • You will then need to request an access code for the study guide.  Follow the directions in your registration confirmation email!  Use the confirmation email from  SecureGive.   Forward the registration confirmation email (NOT the payment receipt)  to and request the code.  The instructions will be in the registration confirmation email.     

4 - You must log on to the website, choose School of Ministry from the link on the home page, (small photo link at the bottom of the home page at,  and then click on Student Access/My ARSOM photo link.    Choose the class for which you are registered.  You will be directed to a password protected web page and the code you receive from your email request will allow you to access this page.

  • Make note - your study guide must be accessed no later than the Wednesday prior to class.  It will NOT be available Thursday, Friday, or Saturday of class week. 

5 - Open the study guide and save it to your computer.  

6 - Order your textbook in plenty of time to read it and do your study guide. 

7 - After you have completed the study guide (typed - no handwritten material), print two copies and bring them to class, one to turn in immediately upon arrival, and one to keep.

Please note: all classes are held at the district office in Little Rock (10924 Interstate 30 access road, or 10924 Interstate 30 West).  If you are using a GPS to locate, you must use one of these address options to be correctly routed.   The office is located at exit 128 of westbound Interstate 30.


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