2019/2020 School Year Registration Is Now Open.  Please follow the steps below.

Quick details:  (1) Students need access to a computer and printer for ARSOM registration and homework.  (2) All classes are $55 per class, and must be paid online during the registration process.  Mentoring for credential track students is $55.  (3) Textbooks are not included in this cost.  

Please follow these steps to enroll in ARSOM and then to sign up for classes.

1. Read the policies manual. Click here for the 2019/2020 policies manual.

2. Complete the enrollment form. Click here to complete and submit the form.

3. Register for class.  A link for registration will be available each  month.  Your payment will be processed through PAYPAL (no longer through SecureGive.  DO NOT use SecureGive for ARSOM!!!)

                      August 2019 Registration and Payment Link

4. When the registration link opens, complete your registration, pay through PayPal, and you will receive a confirmation email.  Use that email to get your study guide code, as per the email instructions. NOTE: Study guide codes may not be immediately available.  However, you should go ahead and request the code and it will be sent when it becomes available.

5. Request your study guide code and follow the directions on downloading your study guide.

6. Make sure you order your textbook in ample time to put in the required reading/study guide preparation time.  Use the Textbook Link to order your book, or at least to make sure you have the correct book for your class.  E-books are acceptable if you prefer. 

7. Come to class on ARSOM weekend prepared and ready to learn. (See policy manual for what you need to bring to class.)

Questions? Email arsom@araog.org

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