Women's Ministries Team 

Hali Gibson, Administrative Assistant
 Office: 501.455.5444
 Fax: 501.455.0045

Fall Retreat Committee
 Judy Moore, Host

L.I.F.E Missions committee
Dorinda Blann, Chairperson
 Tonya Hubbard, Assistant
 Denise Maness, Assistant

Sectional Representatives

Section 1: Kim Bennett
 Section 2E: OPEN
 Section 2W: OPEN
 Section 3: Jennifer Martin
 Section 4: Paula Finley
 Section 5N: Tammy Estes
 Section 5S: OPEN
 Section 6: Janis DuVall
 Section 7: Annie Piker
 Section 8: Jackie Underhill
 Section 9: Cherie Goff
 Section 10: Teresa Porter
 Section 11: OPEN
 Section 12: Dana Hightower
 Section 13: Open
 Section 14: Donna Pack
 Section 15: Cheryl Davis
 Prayer Rep: Deb Abshier
 General Rep: Brenda Duggins

If you are needing assistance and the Section is listed as "OPEN," please contact Lesley Withrow for more information.