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Where Children can experience fun, friends and spiritual growth...


*Online Early Registration has closed.    

2020 Kids' Camp Dates & Speakers

Kids' Camp #1 - July 6-10 - Speaker: Tyler Loy

Kids' Camp #2 - July 12-15 - Speaker: Mike James

Kids's Camp #3 - July 15-18 - Speaker: Mike James

Kids' Camp #4 - July 20-24 - Speaker: Tim Shurley

Kids' Camp #5 - July 27-31 - Speaker: Bill Harness

*Camp Fees have changed for 2020.
Full (5 day) Camps are $175 per camper. T-shirt included. 
Mini (4 day) Camps are $150 per camper. T-shirt included.

*Children not younger than 7 years old or older than 12 years old during the camp they are attending may attend kids' camp. 

Volunteers: To provide the best environment for the campers, please try to stay within the following guidelines. We will accept as many volunteers as possible, this is just a guideline for fairness. 

1 male volunteer for every 5 boy campers

1 female volunteer for every 5 girl campers  

Click on links below for 2020 Kids Camp forms and Early Bedding.

Coordinator Packet & Camper Registration Forms

Paid Staff Packet      

Volunteer Packet     

2020 Camp Training Video

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What to bring:

Personal hygiene products: soap, shampoo, deodorant, towels, wash cloths, twin bedding & pillow, blanket, closed toed shoes, clothes for each day's activities, modest swim suit, church service cloths if desired but not mandatory, spending money if desired. 

The month of July in Arkansas is an exciting month for the kids of Arkansas Assembly of God churches.  It is during this month that we experience Kids Camps.  These days and hours spent at Mountain Valley Retreat Center are some of the most important in our kid’s lives.  

It is there that lifelong friendships are developed with other kids from across the Arkansas District.  

It is there that our kids are given an opportunity to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is there that our kids are given an opportunity to experience the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the initial physical evidence of speaking in other tongues.

It is there that our kids are given the opportunity to participate in genuine praise and worship.

It is there that our kids are given the opportunity to seek the presence of our Lord while praying in the altars.

It is there that our kids are given the opportunity to experience sportsmanship and team work as they participate in daily recreational activities.

We believe that kids camp should be an environment that will involve the kids in fun, making friends, learning to live together in harmony and most of all, spiritual growth.