The resources on this page are designed to equip the district affiliated church pastor, and secretary, with forms and information to carry out the requirements for district affiliated churches. The district superintendent's office, and the sectional presbyter work together with the pastor to help fulfill the ministry and outreach potential of the local church.  It is our goal to serve the local church as effectively and efficiently as possible.

District Affiliated Church Reports:

All District Affiliated churches are required to report to the district office and sectional presbyter on a monthly basis.  Report forms are available for the church's use, or if computer software is used, those reports can be attached with the basic report information and submitted.  Each report is to include copies of the monthly bank statement, with check copies.  All reports should be sent in a timely manner the month following the month that is being reported. 

Click here to download a monthly report form (Excel formatThis form can be filled in and then saved monthly. (PDF) This PDF is not a fill-in form at this time.

Background Checks for District Affiliated Churches:

In this "legal" climate, it is vital for churches to take every preventative precaution available. Therefore, all district affiliated churches are now required to do background checks and child maltreatment checks for all persons working with minors.  This includes nursery, children's church, Sunday school, van drivers, helpers, fill-ins, persons preparing and serving food in youth groups, or any person working with any minor at any time, for any reason.

The church has the option of doing their own background and child maltreatment checks.  There are various companies who do these.  The church's responsibility includes making sure the background checks are current, making sure all workers who interact with minors have the checks done, and that the information is kept in a locked file with extremely limited access.

The other option for district affiliated churches is for the district office to do the background checks and Child Maltreatment checks.  These are done through SecureSearch and the state's Child Maltreatment Central Registry.  The district has recently switched to SecureSearch due to the fact that it is interactive with new database software.  Previous background checks done through Protect My Ministry are still accessible.

For churches doing their own background checks, you will receive an authorization and release form from the company chosen. You will also need the CMCR form, which can be accessed here in a Word file, or here in a PDF document.  Please add your church's return address to the form in order to receive it back when it is complete.

For churches wanting the district to run background checks, please click here to receive forms and information.  Please specify in your email how many background checks you need so the proper number of forms can be sent.  Thanks.