2019 Marriage Enrichment

"I Choose You" 

SAVE THE DATE! Friday & Saturday, February 22 & 23

Will be held at the: Hilton Garden Inn 4100 Glover Lane N. Little Rock, AR 72117 - 501-945-7444

Speakers will be Rusty & Dorinda Blann 

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  We have arrived at a day where society is demanding our very best.  It is our responsibility to be knowledgeable and strong in faith and the Word.  It is so easy to be excited about those things that do not require much from us and shy away from those things that demand dedication.  However, if it is our desire to reach a world that needs Jesus then we must become a people of dedication to the principles and truth of the Word of God.  We must become grounded in the Word of God.  There is much fruit to be gained by not neglecting discipleship.  Whatever we call this experience and whenever we plan to implement this experience, one thing is guaranteed; DISCIPLESHIP is the process that will take you to the next level in your spiritual journey.